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“The most Powerful Knowledge on Earth.”

A bold statement, and we deliver.  If the human mind is the most powerful factor on Earth, then understanding how it works and “turbo-charging” it with tools directed to enhance its essential processes is the most powerful target for all of us to achieve.  We have done just that with our Emotive Energy Model of the Brain, Mind, & Emotions and our Creativity Game, a tool to exercise and enhance the critical thought processes leading to innovation, creativity, and problem-solving.  The foundation of creativity and the workings of the mind are presented in our new book, Re-Ignite Your Creativity: Psychology of the Creative Mind (available on in Kindle and paperback formats).  But we have eliminated almost all of the techno-jargon and explain everything using the analogy of “driving a car.”  If you can drive a car, then you can understand the workings of your mind, your brain, your emotions, happiness, creativity, and everything you do, think, and feel – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, year after year for your entire life.  These ideas work 100% of the time!  No exceptions!  And it’s EASY to understand with our analogies.

The entire universe is tied together – woven together – and you are a part of it.  All things interact with each other.  When you reach for a glass of cold ice-water, you touch it, you feel its cold.  When you holler into a canyon, you hear the echo come back.  As you look up into a clear night sky, you  see the stars twinkling down on you.   These are all simple ideas, yet they are proof that you affect the universe, and the universe, in turn, affects you.  The universe is integrated – it is all tied together.  The ultimate criterion of truth must be based in recognition that the entire universe is an integrated whole and woven together;  this universal criterion is called the “Coherence Theory of Truth”.  It also represents Albert Einstein’s famous equation: E=mc² – the Conservation of Energy, aka the 1st Law of Thermodynamics.  This law always works.  It never fails.  To apply this truth requires weaving all fields of human knowledge into a whole where everything relates to everything else.

Not only is the universe integrated (woven together), but it is dynamic.  Things move and fall and burn.  Fish swim and birds fly.  You see, you hear, you touch, you sense the world around you.  And because the universe is dynamic, all changes you sense are expressions of Energy!   If you push a door closed, you have worked to push it. If you pick up a salt shaker, you have worked to pick it up. All of this “work” is measured as “energy” use. It takes energy to push a door closed or to ride a bicycle or to walk up stairs. You may not think of yourself as an energy powerhouse, but energy is streaming from your body all day and all night – even while you sleep. You are a powerful energy engine, and food is the fuel you burn to generate energy.

Energy is everywhere, and it must flow from somewhere and go somewhere.  Science has found that all energy travels from high energy sources to low ones (from hot to cold); this is called the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, aka Entropy.  Like the Conservation of Energy law, this 2nd law also never fails.  But do we talk about thermodynamics in our book?  Hardly!  Only briefly in passing.  Even so, our entire model is based upon these two omnipotent, omnipresent scientific laws (the Conservation of Energy and Entropy) which work every single time, everywhere.  No exceptions!  Our ideas work 100% of the time because these laws work 100% of the time. Our foundation in these laws is why we call our material, “The most Powerful Knowledge on Earth.”

In our books, CDs, and seminars, we take bits and pieces of knowledge from all human endeavors and fit them together into an integrated whole.  And we do this by relying upon the ubiquitous nature of physics.  From chemistry to economics, from the arts to technology, from psychology to marketing — all must fit into the grand puzzle of life, the integrated whole.  And our Emotive Energy Model provides a “Rosetta stone” for us to translate from one field to another.  Our model creates “woven” knowledge, “connected” knowledge, “integrated” knowledge.  However, in the end, the Coherence Theory of Truth requires omniscience, which we do not profess.  Thus, all knowledge today must remain “theory”.  As such, we can only push the boundaries of what is known against the boundaries of what is unknown.  And not being omniscient, we must rely upon the 2nd most powerful criterion of truth, Negative Pragmatism, to guide us.  Though obscure, Negative Pragmatism was postulated over a century ago by William Ernest Hocking and subsequently re-described by others including Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman: “We never are definitely right, we can only be sure we are wrong.”   In other words, “what works may or may not be true, but what fails cannot be true, because the truth always works.” As a result, all of our knowledge must remain as “theory.”

Our “flagship” product is the Emotive Energy Model of the Brain, Mind, & Emotions.  Virtually a “Rosetta Stone” of the Life Sciences, this model integrates psychology (humanism, behaviorism, & cognitivism), neuroscience, biology, evolution, economics, and even physics.  With the Emotive Energy model, the field of psychology finally becomes a “hard science”!  Yet, this model is easy to understand and use.  As we said earlier, if you can drive a car, you can understand the Emotive Energy Model.  Within this model, we include the ideas of the great sages of the ages – Nobel Prize winners Einstein, Schrödinger, Feynman, and others; religious figures Jesus, Buddha, and more; philosophers Aristotle, Kant, Russell, and others; psychologists Maslow, Skinner, Freud, as well as the ideas of many, many more.  We “weave” these ideas together to create this new and integrated model.


The Emotive Energy Model points to problem-solving – especially creative problem-solving – as the most important skill and ability we have.  Since the model also explains how decisions are made, it was used to build the innovative Creativity Game (available on in Kindle format), a tool to reawaken and enhance innate problem-solving abilities.  Originally created by Ed Scott, Gary Love, & John Keeran, this fun and insightful game can be used for new product ideas, solving technical issues, and virtually any other creative or problem-solving task.  Further, it is reiterative.  If only a partial solution is discovered during play, the remaining issue can be placed into Round One as a new target problem, and the game will produce a possible solution for the residual target issue.  The central focus of the Creativity Game: Team Version is generating a myriad of “blueprint analogies” in a group setting (a “team” environment).  It was through analogies that Samuel Colt innovated the revolver, that Philo T. Farnsworth invented television, that Albert Einstein created his Theory of Relativity, that Dr. Ben Carson discovered a solution enabling him to separate twins conjoined at the head, that C. R. Keeran invented the Ever Sharp mechanical pencil – starting a new industry. The Creativity Game: Team Version can re-ignite and “turbo-charge” your innate creativity as well as the creativity and inventiveness of your staff and organization.

Of greatest importance, by playing the Creativity Game frequently, your mental tool-set gets optimized and stored in your hind-brain for fast, easy retrieval and use.  In other words, just like learning to play a musical instrument, the more you practice, the easier, faster, and better it gets.  Soon, you become a creative “virtuoso” able to call up creative ideas intuitively and with little effort.  You will also see opportunities sooner and faster.

With powerful tools and consulting based upon integrated knowledge, we can assist you, your staff, and your clients in discovering hidden potentials, new opportunities, and achieving your goals and your dreams. We truly bring you “The most Powerful Knowledge on Earth.”