The Creativity Guru

Teddy Nazario

Teddy has been keeping the beat for many bands along the front range of Colorado. A solid performer, we are pleased that Teddy has chosen to be part of Soul Alloy!

Teddy Nazario has been living and drumming in the Colorado Springs area since 1995. After discharge from the military, Teddy focused on playing original alternative rock, playing almost exclusively with the many versions of the Andy Clifton bands (now AC& Co.). Teddy expanded his styles over the next decade to include Jazz, Big Band Jazz, Brass March Band, Latin Fusion, Pop, and Folk Rock.

Primary early influences were Billy Cobham, Neil Pert, and Dave Weckle. Most recently much of Teddy’s attention has been paid to studies of Steve Smith (Vital Information), especially those concerning Be-Bop Jazz and the over lapping of different time signatures through enhanced independency, and drumming favorite, Carter Beauford (Dave Mathews Band).

Personal studies and influence from local great drummer and percussionist, Henrique DeAlmeida (Brazilian Jazz Project), has placed strong emphasis on rudimental drumming and independency in his style as well as in techniques for incorporating technical drumming into performance.

Teddy has brought unique drumming to the Pikes Peak region and continues to contribute to the Colorado Springs music community professionally, but he also volunteers in a variety of city bands that support the arts through free performances for the public as well as for Senior Citizens of our community (Floyd Frame’s Big Band and Midland Brass).