The Creativity Guru


In addition to our seminars, we provide on-site consulting, training, and certification.  Our consulting covers our products as well as “Target Problem-Solving” where we will work with your staff to solve specific problems which you or your company faces:

  • EMOTIVE ENERGY MODEL- The “Rosetta Stone” of the life sciences, a thorough understanding of this model is essential for strategic planning.  This model provides insight into customer thoughts, preferences, and habits which can be used for designing new products and services.  The model also provides for vagaries of the mind from cultural and religious issues as well as for personal preferences and other idiosyncrasies.  Evolution places a myriad of pressures upon us, but the Emotive Energy Model provides a tool to sift through the seemingly unpredictable and unfathomable processes of the mind which have evolved.  The model is simple and easy to use.  If you can drive a car, you can understand and use the Emotive Energy Model.To have John Keeran & Dr. Kailash Jaitly come to your site, please contact us for current pricing.
  • CREATIVITY GAME- In general, the “Invention Age”, where tools to increase physical productivity and efficiency, is waning.  Human ingenuity has saturated the market with labor saving devices such as vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, automobiles, power tools, and the like.  Huge industrial inventions for canning, creating paper, etc. have also been brought to market.  Certainly, the pressure to maximize productivity and efficiency will persist into the future.  However, the need surfacing now and for the future is for “thought saving” devices and services.  With terabyte mountains of knowledge and information available and increasing quickly, the future needs of humans will be centered around “data mining” – how to quickly research information, recognize “diamonds in the rough”, and find new opportunities.  The pressure upon us is to devise better ways of using information, better and faster ways of solving problems.  To this end, the Creativity Game provides a powerful tool for corporations, organizations, and even professionals from doctors to writers, craftsmen to authors, and many other human endeavors.  Plus, it is a fun game for students which can enhance their problem solving abilities.When brought in to your business, organization, or school, we will train your key knowledge people (such as HR staff) to use the game for internal, targeted problem-solving or as a regular exercise for all employees to hone their problem-solving skills.  Once trained, your staff can continue to bring the benefits of the Creativity Game to your business, organization, or school.In particular, we train your staff to create internal Creative Mastermind Teams.  Born of the realization that diverse teams generate more creative ideas, your staff will become versed in how to form Creative Mastermind Teams among your employees as well as how to facilitate such teams using the Creativity Game.  Measurement techniques (metrics tools) will also be provided.  In order to help your company “think outside the box”, your staff will learn exactly how to see “the box” and why it is “a box”.  Further, optimum use of these teams requires diversity of members as well as periodic “re-shuffling” of team members.  Such teams are especially useful for companies using “career broadening” strategies for up and coming executives.To have John Keeran & Dr. Kailash Jaitly come to your site, please contact us for current pricing.
  • TARGET PROBLEM-SOLVING- Though your staff may be well versed in the Emotive Energy Model and the Creativity Game, we are still available to assist you in problem-solving.  However, we require that a staff member, trained in our products, be present at these targeted sessions.  Our intent is  to have your business be independent of our services.  Our preference is to “fly in, train, fly out, & consult by phone”.  Depending upon your intent, we may be able to work remotely with your staff to solve specific issues.  However, if we mutually agree that our presence on-site would be best, we will be happy to schedule a time to arrive on site.To have John Keeran & Dr. Kailash Jaitly consult by phone or come to your site, please contact us for current pricing.